I’m walking away from the system in protest to seize my independence and take back my freedom. I refuse to play the game anymore. I refuse to follow the rules that make us debt slaves to a system that cares nothing for our well-being. I refuse to go into debt just to live my life. I refuse to pay the stifling oppressive medical debt that leaves me sick, in pain, miserable, and in financial ruin. I refuse to pay medical debt which destroys my chance at the American Dream. A dream we all once had, but have woken up to the fact that it’s a myth shrouded in the fog of lies that dictate to us that we must follow the rules of a corrupt system to achieve success. The reality is and always has been, that those that break the rules, those who live outside the normal, those who refuse to accept the status-quo, and those who think different are the ones who have lifted up humanity and carried everyone on their backs while the system and those who run it try to drag humanity down. I refuse to follow the rules that tell me I have to do it the way everyone else does. I refuse to sacrifice my independence for mediocrity. I refuse to let my fear rule my decisions. Fear holds us within the bounds of a system that will use us up and devour us when it’s done with us. Fear chains us to a system that tells us we must follow the rules or die, while in reality it is the system that is killing us and our humanity. I no longer adhere to the rule of mediocrity and averageness. I no longer follow the sheep or go with the flow. I will make waves. I will step on toes. I will not submit to the status quo. I refuse to assimilate into this empire of ignorance that we call “normal”. Where mediocrity is praised and ignorant obedience is rewarded. I refuse to be a part of a system where greed is praised and charity is oppressed. I refuse to be a part of a system that shuns the poor for being poor and the homeless for not having a home. I refuse to support a system that calls facts “fake news”. I refuse to agree to alt-facts or capitulate to the propaganda machine. I refuse to obey the laws of the land when those laws protect the oppressors and destroy the oppressed. I refuse to be a part of a system which makes feeding the hungry illegal and arrests those charitable folks who help those less fortunate than themselves. I refuse to be a part of a system that lacks justice and lifts up the corrupt. I will not be a part of a system that does not care for it’s neighbor. I will not be a part of a system which builds walls instead of bridges. Live life now, because you only live once and it’s finite. Once a day is gone you can never get it back. Don’t waste your time working in a system that doesn’t care about you. Build equity in your life not someone else’s bank account. This is my proclamation of freedom and declaration of my independence from a corrupt and broken system. It is the foreward my manifesto of life, love, charity, altruism, unity and humanity.