Ok, I’m jumping in with both feet into the art NFT blockchain Ethereum thing.

In the meantime, I gotta sell some work, and quite possibly get a f****** job to eat and pay bills while I get this thing going.

Most successful artists have a “THING” they do. Not so much a gimmick, but their STYLE and what they do and how they work and what they produce. All artists evolve their work over time. Always. Art is evolving. Infinitely. Always changing, never static. Art is dynamic. Constantly changing form. I think humanity is without art is lost.

I also believe blockchain, Ethereum, and this new NFT craze is going to change (correction) it has changed the art world forever.

Human beings are creators. Artists, writers, sculptors, musicians, singers, performers, all…ARTISTS! All creators! Creators of art. Artists create the world. Reality is conceived by dreamers and the biggest dreams are the best artists and creators on earth.

You can’t define art because it’s subjective to everyone. Like a photograph is worth a thousand words, perhaps a painting that sparks something inside someone or starts a movement, is worth a million words. Art is in the eye of beholder, they say. Just about anything can be called art.

Art to me is emotion and thoughts and dreams manifested in physical form and expression from the artists mind.

This is part of my new style. Let’s see where this goes.