Saying you’re not biased is an unintentional lie because it’s the same as saying you have no opinion and that you don’t believe in anything. Everyone is biased in some way or another. There’s good bias and bad bias, and here’s the kicker, it’s all relative. It’s relative to the person the situation, the experience, culture, societal norms, morals, ethics, and the time or age. There’s generational bias, and biased bias. In other words, you’re the bad guy in someone else’s story. Perspective is everything. Perspective makes bias relative. So if you say you have an open mind, that’s only a half truth, or a percentage of the truth relative to your perspective only even if you try to see it from another’s point of view. From someone else’s perspective you’re the bad guy. And that’s ok. Because from your perspective they are wrong and bad. So by all accounts we’re all bad. We’re all good and bad at the same time. Bias paradox. Relativity sucks. Perspective is everything.