Rogue planets might pose more danger to earth than asteroids in our own solar system because they could show up unannounced and without warning. It’s very difficult to find them out there in the blackness of space. Seriously. Rogue planets are free-floating planets that were ejected from the solar systems either by their star or by another larger planet in their star system. It’s very difficult to find rogue planets, but they’re out there, traveling across the galaxy and tens of thousand of MPH. If one happens to enter our solar system it could cause massive disturbances in our own planets’ orbits if it gets into the inner solar system. It would be game over for all life on earth if it impacted earth. But it doesn’t even have to get near earth to wipe us out and all living things on earth. It could simply travel through the asteroid belt which would perturb the orbits of some of the asteroids, which could change their orbits make any of those asteroids hit earth. Any asteroid larger than 1km if it hits earth is an earth-killer. If a rogue planet the size of Jupiter entered out inner solar system it would 100% change the orbits of almost everything in our solar system including our own Jupiter, which…yeah, could be catastrophic. There’s a lot of s*** floating around out there and a rogue planet could sneak up on our solar system very easily if we’re looking the other way. We can’t scan the entire sky 360 degrees in all directions at all times. It’s impossible. And we can’t see s*** behind the sun. It takes months for earth to move around the sun enough to look in that direction. We could find a rogue planet today that could be headed right for earth and we’d be powerless to stop it. We’d just have to look at it and wait. Knowing it would wipe us out with no chance of any life on earth surviving. Ain’t the universe AWESOME! HAHAHAHAHAHA!