Technological immortality. We have the ability to become immortal with technology. Why are we not pursuing that in a big way? There are a few companies doing it, but it’s not a BIG thing. It’s not something you see everywhere. Why not? I don’t get it. I don’t understand why people would not want themselves and their family and friends to be able to live forever. Is the world that terrible of a place they just don’t want to live that long? WTF is going on!? I seriously have trouble comprehending why people would not want to live forever. Or at least extend that lives another 100-200 years.

Oh yeah…that’s right. Poverty and pain and suffering and struggle and…yeah there’s that.

People focus on the negative so much they’re blinded by it. They’re infected with tunnel vision caused by the struggles that humanity is currently facing. They let all the negative effect them to the point where they say to themselves that they don’t want to live in a society for a prolonged period of time. Why would they? If the quality of life is so low? If they have to struggle every day, why prolong that pain and suffering?

But I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. I think it’s an emotional and illogical narrowminded and certainly short sighted way to look at it. Perspective is everything.

I think how we should look at it is simple. Prolong our lives for the purpose of increasing the quality of life and ending poverty.

Now THAT is purpose! Now that is worth living for! Now THAT is worth the struggle! It’s worth fighting for a better quality of life for all of humanity. It’s worth fighting for humanity to end poverty and feed children and save the 27k children that die every day due to poverty related causes!

Isn’t it worth fighting for the 50% of people in the world that live in poverty!? Isn’t it worth living longer to fight for increasing the quality of life for all humanity and to lift people out of poverty!? Isn’t living longer and increasing the quality of life for everyone on earth worth fighting for? Hell yeah it is!

So why aren’t more people jumping on this technological immortality bandwagon?

I for one believe we are living in a time where a large portion of people that are alive today will never die. Technology is advancing so fast in biotech, medicine, medical tech, cybertech, AI, pharmaceuticals, genetics, immunotherapy, nutrition and other areas related to healthcare that we will son be able to live longer higher quality lives.

Eventually we will be able to transfer our consciousness to a machine or are the very least augment and enhance our own bodies to live longer, and increase our lifespans by 10% or 20%. During that decade or two, technology will continue to advance and then we’ll be able to increase our lifespans even more. Technology advances exponentially and we have the ability to advance and augment and enhance our lives and lifespans to probably live a hundred more years. During which time, technology will advance more, adding more years. Which will eventually get to the point, where a large portion of people alive today, will never die. We will become infinitely upgradable and at that point we will achieve technological immortality.

Certainly children born from this point forward have a better chance at technological immortality than older people. It’s about the time it takes to develop this technology.

We can conquer disease and ultimately we can conquer death itself. If we look at aging as a disease…which it is. Aging is a disease that must be cured.

If the quality of life is increased for all, then I see no reason why everyone can’t live longer happier lives.

I think this should be inked irrevocably to ending poverty and increasing the quality and duration of life for all of humanity.

Keep in mind you could stop at any point later or enter hibernation to maybe take a break for a bit.

I think it would be great. There will likely be some hiccups and setbacks along the way, as with any tech…but eventually we’ll perfect it. Eventually we’ll get there. We will achieve technological immortality.

I think this is how humanity survives and thrives. I think this is how we do it.

What are your thoughts? Would you want to live forever?