Many times in life you come to a crossroad. A time and place to reflect, consider, and decide. Many of these crossroads have multiple directions, and are not simple this way or that way binary choices. Sometimes the path you take is one way, and there’s no going back. Other times you might luck out and be able to go back to the crossroad and take a different path. Regardless, the path to happiness is one with many choices. Happiness is a choice, or a result of choices and careful reflection. We can only live each day on its own merit. Looking forward, never back, to traverse the rocky road of life. I never choose the easy path. Always try my best to take the high road, and am careful not to fall off the path into the deep chasms of defeat. Failure is always a possibility, but it’s not an option to settle for. Defeat is temporary. A mountain is not an obstacle. There’s always a way around it, over it, or through. It might appear to be impenetrable, but it’s merely a temporary blockade that with effort and determination one can summit. There’s always a way through. It is however much easier if you have someone with you and to share in your journey. Someone to confide in, and discuss life’s hardships, and help you through. It also feels good to be able to help another person through hard times. People that leave you on the trail, or refuse to go with you on your journey out of fear or resentment, are not people you need on your journey. People that take the easy road are not worthy of your time or energy. We all get a limited amount of time in our lives. With life being so finite and precious, doesn’t it make sense to share it with someone who you can depend on? Someone who will be there when you slip. Someone who will catch you when you fall. Old age is not downhill. It’s the highest point in our short lives. It’s the zenith. When we finally reach the peak, we will hopefully realize that happiness is NOT at the top. It’s not a destination. It’s along the path. It’s right there with us, everyday on our journey. It’s a choice. Happiness is being content in your day to day. In the moment. All those happy moments lead to a happy day. And a day of happiness adds up to weeks and months and years of happy living. By the time you reach your peak, you will realize that happiness isn’t a goal or the summit of some unconquerable mountain. It’s the daily path we take, and the people we choose to take with us on that journey. Live every day like it’s your last. Take the more difficult route up the mountain of life. It’s more rewarding, and when you finally reach the summit, and you look out over the earth from your peak, you will realize that you lived, you conquered. You conquered your fears and hardships. You reach the summit of your life knowing you chose wisely, and can enjoy the view, basking in the warmth and beautiful majesty of a life well spent. Living day by day, traversing rocky roads, and switchback trails with someone who shares your passion for the journey. Enjoy each moment, all the minutes, hours, days and years spent climbing. They all add up to being happy. Happiness makes life worth living.