Why do we sleep? Because we need sleep. Why do we need sleep? Because we get tired and need to sleep? That’s a non-answer answer. We wake refreshed after a good sleep. All animals need sleep. Why? What happens when we sleep? We sleep when we’re tired. Why do we get tired? We run out of energy…right? Food gives us energy. So we should simply be able to EAT more and stay awake since food gives us energy, right? But nope. If we don’t sleep we die. We can go insane. We can lose our minds. Lack of sleep can cause major health issues. Like running an engine with no oil it’ll burn up, lock up, and blow up. But I don’t think our bodies are just biological machines. I don’t think our minds are just computers. I think our bodies, our cells, all our cells, need more energy and sleeping somehow recharges tiny little batteries in our cells. The nucleus. What if the nucleus is a tiny little battery. A nuclear reactor of sorts that recharges when we sleep. When we’re ON/AWAKE we’re using energy. When we sleep, something happens. We enter a state where our bodies systems slow to a crawl, our heart rate drops, blood pressure drops, all systems are on sleep mode. I think we’re literally recharging our batteries. All those billions and billions of nuclei in our bodies are being recharged. What else explains it? Name it. Tell me. I don’t know. I’m making a wild guess here based only on my limited knowledge of biology, physics, electromagnetism, earth’s electromagnetic field etc. We know the earth emits an electromagnetic field. It’s what holds our atmosphere in place. What if that field, which is electromagnetic energy, is being tapped into by our sleeping bodies. The cells in our bodies are being recharged somehow, through some process we have yet to figure out. Physics says energy cannot be created or destroyed. Without sounding like a Star Wars nut, energy is all around us in the form of an electromagnetic field generated by the earth. Ask yourself: Where does the energy come from that we get when we sleep? We wake up refreshed. Re-energized. Like a cell phone sitting on the charger all night. Think about it. Where does that energy come from!? Science hasn’t figured that out. We cannot GENERATE energy. We can only convert energy from one form to another. If EATING food cannot keep us awake indefinitely then FOOD is not our sole source of energy. We MUST have another type of energy. Electromagnetic energy? Because clearly the food energy isn’t enough to keep us energized. We’ll still drain our internal batteries within 24 hours. We can take stimulants which boost our energy level temporarily but those can be dangerous when abused. They can cause health issues if abused. So if food and stimulants can’t keep us awake indefinitely, then where does the energy come from that makes us feel refreshed and reenergized after a good sleep? Where does that energy come from since energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Energy can only converted from one form to another to perform work.

“…The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed. In essence, energy can be converted from one form into another…”

Our bodies are NOT generating energy while we sleep. There’s NO SUCH THING AS AN ENERGY GENERATOR! Only and ENERGY CONVERTER! If you take the First Law of Thermodynamics literally.

We are getting the energy from somewhere else. Our bodies are simply converting that energy from one form to another to perform work. This is physics 101 stuff. What am I missing? If we don’t get enough energy from food and stimulants to keep us awake indefinitely, and we MUST sleep or we die, then where does the energy come from that we get when we sleep? How is it converted? From what source? Where is it stored in our bodies? It MUST come from somewhere outside of us. Our bodies must be converting the energy from somewhere outside ourselves into a usable form and storing it somewhere inside us to be used to perform work later while we’re awake. Right? It must be stored somewhere. Because clearly, while we are awake, we’re not getting energy from the earth’s electromagnetic field all day or else we wouldn’t need sleep. So that means something in our bodies discharges and uses up stored energy during waking hours, and when we sleep our bodies enter some kind of charging state. So where is that energy stored? Inside our cells makes the most sense. Doesn’t it? Where else would it be stored? What else explains it? Can you explain it? Maybe I’m just ignorant of how things work. But if scientists can’t figure out why we sleep or where that energy comes from…then why am I asking here? Yeah, I’m tired. And this is the kind of stuff I think about. ALL THE TIME! My mind never stops. I’m constantly thinking about this kind of thing. Which is why I have to write this stuff down or It’ll drive me nuts. Maybe I’m already there. But I think these are valid questions. Seriously. Where does the energy come from, and how is it stored? How is it converted? Why do we sleep? Why can’t we tap into that energy source all the time? (i.e. during waking hours) Why do we have to sleep to recharge? It’s as if once we use up the stored energy in our bodies, we have to sleep to enter the recharge state so that our bodies can be recharged. Like I said, food and simulants aren’t enough. Sleep is required to keep our bodies charged. Where does that energy come from, how is it converted, where is it stored, why can’t we stay awake forever? Answering “Because our bodies need sleep to operate.” is a non-answer. This we know. What we don’t know is where the energy comes from, how it’s converted, how it’s stored, where it is stored, and why we have to be in a sleep state to recharge. Our minds and bodies are on a different frequency when sleeping. We know this. We also know that energy cannot be created or destroyed because that would break the First Law of Thermodynamics. So that means our bodies are somehow converting energy from somewhere into a form we can use to operate our bodies and minds. Not only that, the energy is being stored somewhere in our bodies during sleep for use later during our waking hours. We know that wireless charging is possible. We have wireless chargers for our smartphones. It’s basic electromagnetic inductivity.

“Inductive charging (also known as wireless charging or cordless charging) is a type of wireless power transfer. It uses electromagnetic induction to provide electricity to portable devices.” – Wikipedia

Think of humans as “wireless electronic devices”. Technically and scientifically speaking, humans are biological chemical-electric machines. We need energy to operate just like everything else. All animals and plants need energy. That energy is converted in multiple ways. There’s not just one way to convert energy from one form to another. There are many methods of energy conversion.

Since we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed, the energy for all things must come from somewhere. Right? We think because we eat that that is where our energy comes from. But that’s just one source; and perhaps there are two systems in every human. Mind and body. Each requires certain types of energy. For example our bodies need sugar to operate our muscles to perform work (walking, running, etc.). So food supplies those sugars and fats which are converted into a form of energy by our cells to operate. Maybe that’s why we need sleep for our brains. Maybe sleep is for recharging our brains and food is for keeping our bodies going; but somehow our brains cannot recharge while we’re awake. So maybe this is the reason we need sleep. To recharge our minds. Our bodies perhaps could keep going with food energy (sugars and fats), but our minds need a different kind of energy.

This is all speculation of course and admittedly my knowledge of this topic is barely elementary, but logic tells me that there’s something here. There’s something we’re missing. Here’s what I think happens.

I think that our minds need recharging and the energy is converted from the earth’s electromagnetic field and stored in our cells. This would explain why our minds are on a different frequency while we’re sleeping, because it’s pulling energy from the electromagnetic field produced by the earth, converting it into a form our minds can use, and storing it in our cells for use while we’re awake. We just don’t know how this is done.

It makes logical sense because logic dictates that the energy doesn’t just come from nothing. It cannot be created/generated or destroyed. Therefore it has to be converted.

Nikola Tesla said to understand the secrets of the universe you must first understand frequency. It’s all about the frequencies. The frequencies of electromagnetic waves, where that energy is, how it’s converted, where it’s stored, how it’s stored, and how it’s used.

We only think we know why we have to sleep (because we get tired, our bodies need sleep; blah blah blah), but we don’t know what’s happening while we sleep at the atomic level.

Electrons and protons orbiting the nuclei of atoms. That is energy. These atoms are energy. Somehow our bodies are tapping into the atomic energy of the universe that the earth is converting. The earth doesn’t “generate” an electromagnetic field. It’s converting energy within the vacuum of space into electromagnetic energy. The earth is an energy converter. This electromagnetic energy along with gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, all somehow combine to convert energy into various forms.

I think somehow our minds and bodies are able to tap into that energy field during sleep, convert the energy, store it, and while we’re awake, we use that energy to go about our day to do work. It’s a simple concept, but a complex interaction.

It’s beyond my understanding and knowledge level. My knowledge is rudimentary and my explanation of this intuitive logic is, at best, clumsily accurate. Curiously I wonder how these things work. I have to know and it has to make logical sense. Simply saying “We need sleep to live.” is not enough for me. I want to know how that works. I need to know how that works, physically, down to the subatomic level.

There are so many more mysteries in the universe that need solving. It seems to me that solving the mystery of sleep might be the key to understanding the mysteries and discovering the secrets of the universe.