PREDICTION: I think satellite internet and blockchain tech is going to save the economy. We’re sitting on the verge of a new revolution of technology that will become so pervasive and immersive that contributing to the economy will become second nature to people. Perpetual connection to the internet is coming. Billions of people are about to be connected to the internet with satellite. New smartphone technology, higher performing laptops, lower prices on digital content technology like cameras and computers, easier access to world markets and trade using cryptocurrency and securing everything on the blockchain with unhackable encryption all point to a future economic impact that will make the internet revolution of the 1990s and early 2000s seem small in comparison. This is a new generation of people connected and making money has never been easier. This will lift millions of people out of poverty by giving them access to online markets they never could have access otherwise. These two technologies, satellite internet and blockchain (including crypto currency and data encryption) is going to change global trade forever. People in remote areas will be able to connect without wires to the largest marketplace the world has ever seen. This change will make many millions of millionaires over the next generation as these technologies are deployed throughout the world. I only worry about culture clash as religious theism of all kinds is huge all over the world. This poses a problem to free speech, law, and will cause conflict. If we can get past this conflict, then I think humans have a chance to evolve beyond this planet and beyond our form. But the next generation is going to dictate how and if that happens. Culture war on a global scale is a bad thing. Billions of people who believe their theistic religion is true and who have a different moral compass than other cultures throughout the world will clash. Humans aren’t known for their understanding and openness and willingness to change their beliefs and worldviews. They usually fight change, they fight everything that challenges their beliefs. They fight change. They fight themselves. They fight advancement. But I think maybe, just maybe, if enough free scientific knowledge and information is out there online then we may be able to prevent all out culture shock and war. It’s kind of a toss up. I give it a 50/50 chance of causing our extinction. LOL But if we get past this next 20 years without destroying ourselves I think humanity will survive and evolve beyond our planet and our biological selves to be a multiplanetary technological species.