The Power of Selling Passion Products

Do you want to sell more products on Amazon and Shopify? This article will teach you how to pick and sell passion products for massive profits. You need to sell passion products. This doesn’t mean sell what you love. It means sell what other people love. To be blunt, people really don’t care what you like. That sounds harsh but it’s true. People care about themselves. They want what they want and they’re willing to pay people a lot of money to get what they want. When you completely understand this concept then picking the right product to sell becomes easier and more natural. You’ll make more money because you are picking products to sell based on the wants of your customers instead of what you think is cool. No one cares what you think is cool (unless you’re a trendsetter and most likely you’re not). Sorry if that sounds harsh, but business is business and people are ignorant about how to pick products that sell, and that is evidenced by people picking products that THEY love rather than picking products that other people love and then they wonder why they’re not selling anything. DUH!

What is a passion product?

A passion product is a product that someone is passionate about. Not to sound condescending but selling online is not about what you like. Let’s be very clear here. A passion product is a product that someone else is passionate about. It’s what they love. It’s what they will spend big bucks for. It’s a product they are passionate about and they will buy it without thinking about it.

If you consistently have what your customers want they will pay you big money for it and you’ll have a solid business model.

PRO-TIP: Selling passion products is all about selling people what they want not what they need. It’s harder to sell a need than a want. People don’t think too much when buying passion products. People are irrational by nature, it’s why there’s products lining the aisles at checkout in retail stores. These are passion products and result in impulse buys. People don’t think about it, they just buy these products because the want these products.

Sure, we’re all taught to sell products and services that solve problems, but when you understand that the “problem” you’re really trying to solve is making your customer “feel” the desire to have what you’re selling and making them feel satisfaction when they buy it then you’ll realize that it’s not really about the product or service itself.

It’s about making them feel good. Its about making them want that thing you’re selling.

Focus on the emotion. Focus on giving your customer that feel-good feeling about your product or service and you’ll sell more. Pick a product or service people are passionate about and you’ll make more money.

It’s really that simple.

How To Pick Passion Products That Sell

Author’s Note: This is not a comprehensive how-to-guide about how to sell passion products on Amazon and Shopify, but it will teach you the basic core fundamentals of eCommerce and selling passion products online.

Your goal is to make more sales online. To make more sales then you must persuade people to buy your product. It’s much easier to make a sale when people are passionate about the product.

PRO-TIP – Have some money in the bank already before you start selling tangible goods and retail products online. I would suggest if you’re just starting out to have at least $2500 in the bank. Use about 50% of that to purchase product, and keep some in reserve for unexpected expenses, listing fees, advertising etc. Figure out your profit margins. Pick products with a 3X to a 10X markup! This way you have enough money to grow and scale your online business. I like to split my sales revenue into thirds and reinvest back into the business. I have a 33% rule. 33% of sales revenue goes to inventory, 33% goes to advertising and other selling expenses, 33% goes in my pocket. It’s a good model that works for me. I’m toying with the idea of a 50% rule where I spend 50% on inventory and the other 50% on advertising and selling and I don’t keep any profits. But this only works when you have multiple income streams. I’ll go into more detail about creating multiple incomes streams in another article.

How To Sell Passion Products

Step 1 – Pick a Niche – Choose the niche that you want to sell in. Then to help focus within that niche, ask yourself “Who’s got my money!?” Grant Cardone –real estate guru and master salesman– says this all the time. This helps you focus your efforts on the people (not just the entire niche market) and where those people are that have the money you want. It helps you locate people who have money to spend on your product. This should be your first step. Once you find where the people you want to sell to are hanging out then you’re ready to move on to picking the product. If it’s dog toys, then market a popular dog toy to people who buy dog toys. You already know these people will be congregated online in groups about dogs and forums.

Step 2 – Pick the Product – This takes a little research. Match the product to the niche. Do a search on Alibaba or another online product supplier. If you’re just starting out, pick a product that is inexpensive and popular. Something you can afford and that you can make a hefty profit on. Pick a product that you can make a minimum of 3X your money on. 10X is good. Buy low price items and mark them way up. Don’t be afraid of charging too much. If you did a good job drilling down your niche market and locating the places where your perfect customers are congregating online in groups, then you’ll sell more easily. Research your competition on Amazon and Shopify, see what other sellers are selling the same or similar products for. There are tools like JungleScoutAMZScout and Unicorn Smasher that will help you do product research and find the most profitable products. This is not a comprehensive review of those research tools, but I have used them and they work well enough to help you pick a good and profitable product.

PRO-TIPSTART WITH ONLY ONE VERY HOT PASSION PRODUCT! Don’t try to sell lots of products at once or it will dilute your offerings and sink your sales. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on ONE PASSION PRODUCT at a time. This allows you to really figure out what works and what doesn’t. Perfect your selling strategy on one passion product. Then sell the shit out of it. The idea here is to SCALE your business without saturating the market. 

Step 3 – Sell the Product – Setup your listing and store on Amazon and Shopify. Drive traffic with, paid advertising, social media, and email. I would suggest that you have a minimum of about $2500 to start, but you can do this with as little as $100 to $500 fairly easily. If you already have a good email list or a large audience on social media then you’ve got a head start. If not, go back and make sure you pick your niche wisely. Drive targeted traffic to your landing page. Make your landing page simple. Pick your payment processor, Paypal, Stripe,, Shopify or Amazon payments. Write simple sales copy with bulleted lists, show the product and what it can do. Make videos or the product in action, show people enjoying the product. and have a simple BUY NOW button that makes it easy to purchase. Use the videos and images to create ads and posts that drive traffic to your landing page.

If you took my advice, you:

  • Chose a profitable niche to sell in and you have located places where your ideal customer is congregating online
  • Found a highly profitable passion product with a 3X to 10X markup
  • Picked just one product to focus on that people want and love
  • Built a simple landing page with no distractions, good sales copy
  • Made it EASY and FAST for your customer to purchase

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Those are the basics.

It’s a lot easier to sell products online if you pick passion products.

Sell products that people LOVE and they will order more.

Thanks for reading.


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