Time dilation is just ONE of the MANY reasons humans will NEVER achieve interstellar travel.


Other reasons include negative micro-gravitational health effects like blood pressure issues, brain damage, cardiovascular issues, atrophy (muscle and bone loss/weakening), and psychological issues and mental illness. Then there’s prolonged exposure to radiation on the human body, not to mention the dangers of impacts with celestial bodies as small as a grain of sand. Those are just a few of the problems that make interstellar travel impractical for not just humans, but ANY biological life form.

The time dilation problem alone is a HUGE problem, but even at a relative speed of say 100km an hour (which is impossible at this point with our current tech) the other problem is the sheer amount of time it takes to travel from point A to point B in interstellar space. It’ll take 6 months just to get to Mars…our nearest neighboring planet. The longest any human has ever spent in microgravity is a little over a year, and there’s lots of health issues involved there.

Oh, and Mars is only around 1/3 of earth’s gravity, so there’s that gravity problem again. Gravity is a bitch!

Then there’s the speed of light problem, propulsion problem, impact problem, radiation problem, microgravity problems. The list goes on and on.

This is why I believe aliens, if the have interstellar travel technology, are NOT biological life forms. I think they’re likely machines.

It doesn’t take a huge leap in logic when you look at the current rate of technological advancement of humans including the development of AI, computers, and advanced propulsion systems, that when you factor in the statistical probability of interstellar travel of biological life forms is very low, versus those life forms merging with technology so that they might travel to another star system more safely, the likelihood of that happening increases.

I don’t believe that “aliens” with interstellar travel capability, if they exist, are biological. I think they are machines. Which would explain why we can’t detect them.

Or we’re alone in the universe. Which is HIGHLY unlikely.

Also…I’m a big believer in Dark Forest Hypothesis too. So, there’s that.

I could write a book on my Quantum Life Hypothesis. A layman uses logic to solve Fermi’s Paradox. LOL I actually don’t care about Fermi’s Paradox. I think it’s an ignorant and primitive questions to ask…”Where is everyone?” It assumes aliens are biological, and use technology we know of. It forgets the AGE of the universe even though it tries to factor in its age. It misses a crucial point. Moore’s Law helps explain that point.

Technologically speaking, there comes a time in a civilization’s development and advancement that they realize that they will never be able to practically travel to another star system as a biological life form that has evolved to live on a planet with gravity. They will realize the logic of merging with technology makes more logical sense, and further that this not only solves ALL the biological problems of interstellar travel, it negates the time dilation problem. It makes time dilation irrelevant. It makes the dangers of interstellar space travel irrelevant.

So why don’t we see or hear them? The aliens?


Two reasons.

REASON ONE: They don’t want to be seen or heard (Dark Forest Hypothesis).

REASON TWO: They are not biological life forms and have advanced technologically far beyond our ability to detect them with our current technology.

Simple really when you think about it.

It’s kind of sad too…because it likely means “HUMANS”, if we don’t destroy ourselves with our technology, will still go “extinct” by using technology to evolve into machines.

Just like every other highly advanced alien civilization with interstellar capability.

If true, then Fermi’s Paradox isn’t a paradox at all. It’s an ignorant shortsighted , arrogant and very primitive question.