The level of greed and ignorance in this country and around the world is really pissing me off. I have friends from all over the world in different countries, all different ethnicities and cultures, and backgrounds. Most of us see what’s going on in the USA and abroad and are sickened by the level of greed and ignorance that plagues our world. We know what’s possible, if only we would WORK TOGETHER for the greater good while also helping individuals with their daily lives through outreach, charity, philanthropy, education, etc. Basically we believe in altruism. We believe in humanity first. We put people before profit. We believe in equal rights for all. We believe humanity is ONE SPECIES and there is no “racial divide” within our culture. We all belong to one genus, the human race. We believe in helping people out of poverty. We realize that poverty is a global crisis for billions of people. I see how we can get out of this. I literally “SEE” it in my mind’s eye. It’s not a utopia or fantasy pipe dream like that. It’s a place where people can go and live without the burden of politics or cliques or greed or ignorance. Everything is free. Or rather. Moneyless. It’s simply people working together, truly for the greater good of both society as a whole and the individual. I don’t want to live in a society that views altruism and love as a bad thing or a fantasy. When you think about it…We all have the same dream, really. We all just want to be safe, happy, and comfortable. That’s it. We want to spend time with our friends and family and grow and learn and teach our kids the value of life and love. We’re still in survival mode. Humanity is. Some of us have evolved faster than others. It’s the nature of biology. Some of us learn faster. Some of us grow faster. Some of us realize that there are things we can do now that will make the world a better place for all. We realize we don’t need money to do it. We realize that the current monetary system is greedy and corrupt and creates barriers to entry too great for the majority of people to overcome. This happens not because of some great or grand conspiracy, but because of greed and corruption of the elites and ignorance of the people. That’s it. It’s that simple. There’s no conspiracy, it’s just greed and selfishness, and those kinds of greedy selfish people flock together. They’re drawn to money and wealth and power and everyone else suffers for it. We have the ability to get out of the system but we don’t. People choose the system because they don’t know another way. They can’t see another way. They’re lost in a system surrounded by invisible walls, financial barriers to entry and happiness. Financial barriers to abundance for all. Altruism gets pushed back out of sight out of mind for reasons of survival. People are forced to work jobs they h*** just to pay bills all their lives and die broke and broken. You live in a world of debt, a slave to a system that doesn’t care about you or your family or your children’s futures. You live in a system that destroys your will to rise above the greed and instills fear of losing everything to keep you working to feed the beast that is the system. You are too busy working and struggling to notice that it’s very easy to kill the beast. Simply don’t feed it. If you don’t feed it, it will die. It needs you more than you need it. You only work for it because you’re afraid to do anything else because you don’t want to lose what you have. You’re forced into a situation where you have to work or die. That is slavery. So you keep working, not realizing there’s an easy way out of the system. The beast is breathing down your neck constantly. It waits in the shadows waiting to devour you and your family if you slip and fall. If you miss a bill, or mortgage payment, or get sick and can’t work. It waits. Ready to pounce on you if you don’t get up and go to work every day to work a job you h*** that doesn’t pay you what you’re worth and that is getting rich off your labor. It lives off your fear and labor.