He tried to run but couldn’t, he was stuck under a heavy metal door that fell on him while fleeing for his life from a horde of undead. Now he knew he was dead.

Just an hour before he had been having a picnic in the park with his girlfriend. Now, she’s dead, and he’s trapped under a solid metal door. He’s not sure how he ended up here, everything happened so fast.

At first the day started like any other Saturday morning, except that today was supposed to be special. He and his girlfriend were celebrating their 1 year anniversary. They had talked about marriage, and kids, and had only recently moved in together. They had plans. Now those plans are gone. His beloved was dead and he was about to be devoured by the undead. How did this happen? What caused it? Why were there zombies running around killing and eating people? The zombies were fast, raging, insane. They were smart. He’d never seen anything like it, not even in the movies.

Zombies were undead. They were supposed to be stupid lumbering mindless beings who are easily dispatched with a club or knife to the head. But these creatures…they were different. They weren’t zombies, or were they? They looked like the zombies in the movies. Was this some kind of bad dream? What the fuck was going on?

He struggled to wiggle out from under the door but searing pain shot up his back and he almost passed out. He only had a couple minutes before the horde found him. He had run into an old warehouse in the industrial area of town, across the river from the park where he and his girlfriend had been eating and having a great time. It was a beautiful day. The sun was bright and the sky as blue as it gets. Perfect day for a picnic in the park. But, then they heard screams coming from the north side of the park. The first zombie they saw wasn’t like the others. At first it looked like a jogger in the distance, running toward them fast but not too fast. It was a surreal experience, the screams coming from different areas of the park, the jogger zombie coming at them, running straight toward them. They froze, unable to move, afraid to move. What was happening? Is this real? As the jogger zombie got closer more features came into focus. Dark splotches of blood glistened in the sunlight. The joggers blood-soaked yellow tank top in stark contrast to the dark wet blood. They just stood there. Did the jogger need help? It wasn’t growling or yelling, just…jogging…straight toward them. By the time they realized what it was it was too late, the zombie slammed into Shelly head butting and biting her face, ripping pieces of flesh from her face, tearing her skin with dull teeth. All very eerily quietly. Shelly was screaming, yes, but the zombie wasn’t making a sound. It was just…eating. You could hear the skin and flesh being torn from bone.

John panicked, grabbed a knife from the picnic basket and started stabbing the zombie in the back and neck and head. Shelly was trying to fight back, but the zombie was powerfully strong. John tried to pull the zombie off of his girlfriend but it was too strong. Slowly she started to succumb to her injuries. Blood loss and the trauma of the attack put her into shock, she passed out while the zombie fed on her face and neck. Her skull and teeth visible, her lips ripped off in one bite and swallowed whole by the beast. John knew she was dying, he tried to save her, but he wasn’t strong enough. Stabbing the thing did nothing to stop it. It was seemingly immortal. John looked up in a daze as the thing devoured his girlfriend. More zombies were running toward him. Suddenly John decided he wanted to live. He turned and bolted across the park to the bridge. He ran faster than he had ever run in his life. His heart pounding, fighting back tears, he screamed, zombies in pursuit. He made it across the bridge and into a warehouse on the far side of the river, just on the edge of the industrial zone of the city. If he could find a place to hide he might be able to live. He burst through the front door of a warehouse into the wide open expanse of the interior. Large orange and black pallet racks stacked with product of some kind waiting to be shipped somewhere.

He ran…his heart pounding, nauseous from the exertion. He puked. Keep going, he thought. RUN! Don’t stop, just keep running. He ran through the warehouse out the other side through a large open bay door across the parking lot and into another building, a larger more industrial kind of building with lots of machines. He busted through the large glass window in the front of the build by throwing the metal trash bin through the glass.

The industrial area was mostly empty. It was a weekend after all. Everyone was home or out doing fun stuff. All the businesses were shut down for the weekend.

He stopped, looked around, saw a large metal door leading to a darkened room. Maybe he could hide in there. The door appeared to be hanging from a large metal track. It was a big door, solid, about 4 inches thick. Like whatever was in that room had to be secured. Great place to hide, if he could just get inside. There was a gap below the door about a couple inches, but the door didn;t seem to be locked, he pushed the door as hard as he could, trying to open it, but it was too heavy. He looked around, found a large solid steel bar about 6 feet long and used it to pry open the large heavy metal door.

It made a terrible screeching sound as the rollers on the door fought back against years of corrosion. He used all his strength and got the door open about a foot, big enough to squeeze through. He dropped the steel bar and jumped through the gap between the door and the wall, but he misjudged the speed of the door and it caught him, crushing his back and ribs.

He screamed in pain. He could hear the zombies outside, the crunching of glass from the broken window he entered the building through behind him. He was trapped. Maybe the things wouldn’t see him. He was terrified.

The steel bar was laying on the ground under the door. His back was broken, but he could still feel his legs. His upper body was in the room, his legs trapped outside. He couldn’t scream or those creatures would hear him. He just laid there. Trapped.

Then he felt the first bite.