Look up the Kardashev Scale, then lookup Dark Forest Hypothesis. Lookup Moore’s law, and then lookup habitable planets, planetary science, astrobiology, and interstellar travel. Then lookup Einstein’s theory of relativity and time dilation. Then lookup the dangers of interstellar travel/long term exposure to microgravity and radiation on biological organisms (like humans) and realize that any aliens with interstellar travel technology are likely NOT BIOLOGICAL and would likely be some form of self replicating AI/computer/machine. Look up Von Neumann Machines. Then reread the Dark Forest hypothesis again. Then familiarize yourself with the Kardashev scale, Moore’s law, and the Drake Equation. Look up the Kepler Space Telescope data on exoplanets and how many planets there actually are. This data suggests with a high probability that EVERY single star in every galaxy has multiple planets. Even our nearest neighboring star system Proxima Centauri has an earth-like planet, within the habitable zone (where liquid water could form; which is the basis for life as we know it). Given the shear numbers…the fact that every star has planets, and could have a planet within the habitable zone, I think the Drake Equation needs to be reworked to factor in the Kepler data and extrapolate those numbers and apply them to every star in the galaxy to come up with a new number of likely alien civilizations, and then you can factor how many are likely Type I, Type II, and Type III. When you’re done with all that research, then look up my Quantum Life Hypothesis. Read it and realize that the Dark Forest Hypothesis is likely correct. And it’s probably not a good idea to be blasting signals out into space to alien civilizations that might have interstellar travel technology. Again, I think these “aliens’ ‘ would be machines, not biological. It just makes logical sense. It also makes logical sense to stop announcing our location to alien civilizations that could potentially destroy us. They could be indifferent to us…but even that may not be good…they might look at us as a virus on earth and may just come after all our water. The “what if” possibilities are endless. But I think it’s a safe bet to err on the side of caution and stop screaming at the universe and letting everyone that might be out there know we’re here. The universe is quiet for a reason. Fermi’s question echoes in my mind. “Where is everyone?” Well…I think they’re smart. I think there’s two reasons why we haven’t detected them yet. Our technology is not advanced enough to detect them (because they’re so highly advanced [machines]) and that most alien civilizations that don’t destroy themselves and evolve to Stage 2 in my Quantum Life Hypothesis, merge with technology, and then they hide from other alien civilizations. Which is what I think we should do. We certainly shouldn’t be blindly ignorantly sending signals out into the galaxy telling everyone where we are. That’s just ignorant, naive, and foolish,