Do you want to be rich? I do, but not for the reasons you might think. Let’s get the b******* out of the way so we can get to the real reason. I want to be richer than rich. I want to buy all those materialistic things just like anyone else. I want a big house, multiple houses, all over the world, a nice car, lots of nice cars, lots of land, nice clothes, and money in the bank. I want all those things that most people want. But I want more.

I want to help people and to help people the way I want to help people will take billions of dollars. Not millions. Not hundreds of millions. Not even $1 billion dollars. I’m talking about lots of BILLIONS! $10 BILLION. $20 BILLION! $50 BILLION! And that’s JUST GETTING STARTED! $1 TRILLION isn’t even enough!

“Holy s*** you’re a greedy a******!”

I can hear the haters, naysayers and trolls coming out of the woodwork, crawling out of their caves and out from under their bridges. I don’t care about them.

You know what I care about? I care about humanity. I care about people. I care about homeless people. I care about hungry people. I care about feeding hungry kids. I care about education and the illiterate. I care about poor and poverty stricken people all over the world. I care about people who don’t have access to quality healthcare. I care about people who suffer form mental conditions. I care about people who need clothes and clean drinking water. I care about people who need help.

We live in a time of unprecedented wealth. Yet poverty still exists.

Everyone is so scared of being taken advantage of and so paranoid that poor people will buy drugs with free money that they don’t help. There’s a disconnect in people’s brains that prevents people to help people.

There’s a disconnect in people’s brains that makes people feel uncomfortable to help other people. YES! It’s a thing. Yes it’s real. Yes people actually have a physical and emotional discomfort when people ask them for help. Maybe it’s an evolutionary survival instinct…but we need to stop this s***!

Just help people. That’s all we need to do. It’s really that simple.

Stop making f****** excuses why you can’t help people and f****** help them! F*** YOU if you think poor people don’t deserve help. People need to stop making excuses for being an a****** to poor people. Stop blaming poor people for being poor! Stop using the OLD tired excuse that if you help people it enables them to continue being poor! F*** that! That’s just a lame a** excuse NOT TO HELP PEOPLE! Stop that s***, NOW!

Lets ALL just stop that s*** NOW!

Make a solemn oath right here and now to END WORLD POVERTY NO MATTER WHAT! Make a covenant with the whole of humanity itself that from this day forward it doesn’t matter how many people abuse the system that WE WILL HELP PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT!

See. It’s really that simple! It’s really that easy to make up your mind to help people.

Don’t you think the world would be a better place if people just helped people!? Huh!?

People need to stop making excuses why they can’t or won’t help people because poverty still exists and has existed to thousands of years and it’s not going to stop until WE STOP IT!

Get it!

Seriously. That’s how that works.

We have to make up our mind to stop it. As human beings.

Ending poverty is simple! We simply help people. That’s it!

When you help people you empower them. Empower people by helping them. Empower poor people to pull themselves up out of poverty by giving them the tools they need to end their poverty.

Not everyone will succeed…but that’s ok! Don’t let yourself STOP helping just because a small percentage of people fail. And certainly don’t use it as an excuse not to help people.

Ending poverty starts with empowering poor people. Ending poverty starts with empowering women and children. Ending poverty starts with helping people.

You know how you end poverty!? By helping people.

People try to make this into some highly complex thing and it’s really not.

Will it take a long time? Sure?

Is it complex?


Not at all. Not even a little bit complex.

Anyone that says it’s complex is simply a selfish a****** that just doesn’t want to help people. Or they’re ignorant. Either way. Regardless of what they say to the contrary people will make every excuse in the book NOT to help people because of 2 reasons.

Either they are selfish or they’re ignorant (or both). That’s it. Either they’re selfish, or they just don’t know how to fix it and they give up or don’t even try. They take the lazy way out by NOT HELPING and make themselves feel better by blaming the victim.

Anyone who refuses to help people truly in need are assholes no matter what their excuse is. (unless they’re poor and even then, people can still volunteer time to help).

YES! I said that ANYONE who refuses to help people in need and blames the victims of poverty for their own poverty is an a****** of the highest degree!

If they don’t help people EVERYTHING they say against helping people is just an excuse. Don’t listen to them!

Help people. Stop making excuses why you shouldn’t. Just help them.

Here’s the EASIEST way to do it. OK!?

You ready!?

Here goes.

Create these 5 things and we will end world poverty forever.


That’s it! That’s all you need to end poverty in the world. Forever!

WAIT! I can hear it. I can hear the objections starting. I can hear people screaming the ever-ignorant mantra “NOTHING IS FREE!”

Of course it’s not free, but people are too small minded and short-sighted and ignorant to think outside the box!

Someone has to foot the bill. DUH! Someone has to pay for it. Sure.

And that’s why you must create something that helps people but also perpetuates itself. You must create a new system for poor people to give them the tools and opportunity they need to get out of poverty. You do this by creating a worldwide movement.

There are 5 simple steps to end world poverty forever. Give people these 5 things and they will pull themselves out of poverty and those left behind will be HELPED UP!

These are the 5 steps.

Give people


Free Schools give people a much needed education to learn about how the world works. How they can be part of society and make a living. It makes the world economy STRONGER when people have the skills they need to get a job and the knowledge and talent to WORK a job.

Free Hospitals provide quality healthcare to the billions of people on this planet that don’t have access to quality healthcare…so build free hospitals. Yes it’s possible. Don’t think for a second it’s not. Forget the politics and other b******* excuses for not giving healthcare. Entire countries do it!

Yes that’s not free, it’s paid for by taxes…but it’s FREE at time of service; stop splitting hairs and just f****** help people.

People help people. Volunteer groups and other FOR-PROFIT businesses can be created to help fund the free hospitals. Profits from those for-profit companies can be donated to those organizations and groups that that provide the 5 steps program.

Free Housing gives billions of poverty stricken people a safe place to live while they get healthy and get an education.

Free Food keeps people stay healthy by providing them with a healthy diet. Too many billions of people all over the world are starving or food insecure. There’s no excuse for that. Provide people with the food they need and they will be stronger, healthier and will be a productive part of society.

Free Water is the lifeblood of humanity. Without water we all die. Billions of people all over the world don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Make no mistake this will work.

This is a whole system designed as a step by step program for poor people to show them the way and help them OUT of poverty. It helps them help themselves by giving them the tools and skills they need to not be poor anymore. Step by step.

Sure there are programs out there now that do all these things separately but they are inadequate.  They don’t do the job. There is no ONE plan or program to do it all. It’s a bunch of unorganized hodge-podge Band-Aids to fix the SYMPTOMS of poverty individually.

The charitable programs we have today don’t address the core reason why poverty exists.

We need more people to help people. Poor people are the BEST people to help more poor people out of poverty. There is your volunteer base. There is your free labor.

YES! You will have to PRIME THE PUMP with billions of dollars FIRST to create the FIRST step in this process.

That’s what people need to understand.

This is a process! It will take TIME!


The FIRST STEP is education! Training! Train people to help others. This builds the foundation! Before you build a house you MUST have a a solid foundation to build on.

Train people to help other people out of poverty.


People need to be healthy to work and to help their families out of poverty. Give them access to free healthcare. Volunteers! Initial seed money will be needed. YES IT WILL BE MANY MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! But ask yourself. How many hospitals could you build and fund with $1 BILLION and a group of volunteers!?


The 3 rules of survival. Shelter, food and water.

People need shelter food and water to survive. But to actually LIVE and WORK they need healthcare and education. Give them a place to stay, food in their bellies, clean drinking water and they’ll be able to work like everyone else.


I don’t want to hear any B******* excuse for not helping people. Assholes will say some stupid s*** like…

“I had to work for it so THEY have to work for it too!”

That’s another B******* selfish a****** excuse NOT TO HELP PEOPLE! If that’s truly how you think about helping people then congratulations, you’re an a******.

The good news is that people can stop being assholes simply BY HELPING PEOPLE!

See how easy it is!?

Just help people.

Give people a hand up! Not a hand out!

Give them a helping hand.

Build shelter, feed people, give people clean water to drink and stop making excuses.


Build housing. Give people housing. Teach others how to build housing.

People need a place to live out of the elements, safe from the weather. Simple really. Build inexpensive housing. There are HUNDREDS of different kinds of modular housing types available. No excuses about expenses. Just HELP people.


Build farms. Feed people. Teach others how to grow their own food. People gotta eat!

You’d be amazed at how much work someone can do if they’re not STARVING TO DEATH!

NOTE ABOUT FOOD WASTE: We can also stop food waste and redirect that food to the poor. Make a law requiring grocery stores to donate unwanted food to an entity or group that will distribute that food and remove the liability and lessen any financial loss to companies.


People need clean drinking water. Provide it. Drill wells, run pipelines and build water generators. Teach others how to do it.

All this will help stabilize the world economy and make it stronger. More working people means more tax revenue for MORE programs that will also help supplement these programs.

Ending poverty is SIMPLE! If people stop  making excuses and actually HELP PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT!

See that’s what people get hung up on.

People make all kinds of lame excuses why they CAN’T help rather than just taking action and HELPING PEOPLE!

When you realize that ALL OBJECTIONS TO HELPING PEOPLE ARE JUST EXCUSES NOT TO HELP PEOPLE then you realize how simple it is.

When you realize that IT DOESN”T MATTER THAT SOME PEOPLE WILL ABUSE THE SYSTEM and IT’S STILL OK TO HELP PEOPLE then you cut through all the b******* excuses and get to the heart of the matter.

Let me say this again.



Some people will abuse the system no matter what you do.

We must go into this know that that will happen and that it’s OK!


We can stop it. We can end poverty forever!

Life is really simple if you think about it.

The purpose of life is to help people. If there’s any nobler purpose to life I don’t know of one.

The sole purpose of life, the purpose of humanity itself if there is such a thing is to help people.

That right there is reason enough to nullify ALL objections and excuses because those excuses are obsolete. They no longer matter.

What matters is helping people and if people refuse to help people then they will be shunned from culture and pushed to the fringes of society forever eradicating poverty (and greedy selfish assholes) from the world.

Poverty is a blight on humanity.

This is why I want to be a multi-billionaire! Not just for riches. Not just for a big screen TV. Not just for a sports car.

I really, truly honestly want to help people. ( I think this article proves that; what else will prove it is taking action and doing something about poverty. I am doing my part. What are you doing to make the world a better place?)

I want to help people…but not just by donating to charities.

Not to down on charities but they don’t work to end poverty. They only treat the symptoms of poverty.

Some folks are trying to help but charities have been around for hundreds of years and poverty is worse now than ever. I’m not blaming charities for it or saying charities don’t work. They do great good. Some of them do very good work. But I question the bloated extremely high salaries of executives and CEO’s who run them.

If charities worked there would be no poverty. They’ve had hundreds of years to fix the problem and it has not worked. Poverty is getting worse every day.

You must ask WHY poverty is worse. It’s because people are becoming more and more selfish and they care less and less about poor people. When people blame poor people for being poor you know the world is in a bad place.

Poverty exists because of ignorance. Educate people an you pull them out of poverty.

I don’t want to start a charity.

I want to build a whole new system and lifestyle for people.

A 5 step system that will end poverty in the next decade.

This article is about that 5 step system.

As you can tell I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve spent years studying wealth and poverty from both ends of the spectrum. I’ve been poor, hungry and homeless, and I’ve been rich (richer than 90% of people on earth!). I know what it’s like and I know what’s possible.

I’m not anyone special though, I’m just a guy that thinks differently. Maybe I’m naive. Maybe I’m delusional to think we can end poverty. I probably am.

But I get it.

I get what life is about. I get the important things. I get that people just need a little help sometimes.

I’m not saying I have all the answers. I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else or that I know better than anyone. Other people know this too.

There are lots of people in this world who are way smarter than me that are trying to solve this problem, but I think they’re doing it wrong. Seriously. If they were doing it right for the past few hundred years then poverty wouldn’t exist.

Sorry…but it’s true.

People know that it’s good to help other people. But for some reason the human condition sometimes screws things up and we end up getting in our own way.

I think that’s where we are right now.

I think we’re in a better place now too than ever before in the history of humanity.

We’re wealthier and more advanced than ever before. We have more now than we have ever had before in human history.

Which is exactly why there is NO EXCUSE FOR POVERTY ANYMORE!

Let me be clear. I’m NOT for wealth redistribution.

I AM FOR HELPING PEOPLE! There’s a huge difference.

People working together can forge a new humanitarian alliance and create a movement to help other human beings lift themselves up out of poverty. We have the power within us to do it.

Forget what you think you know about poverty and poor people.

Forget your prejudices. Forget your objections. Forget your excuses. Put all that out of your mind.

It’s REALLY simple.

If someone needs help, help them.

Give them the tools they need and the world will be a better place.

Selfishness got us only so far…it’s not working anymore…as evidenced by the BILLIONS of people all over the world who go without shelter, food, water, education and healthcare.

Cover the 5 things –schools, hospitals, shelter, food, and water– and you end poverty. Build schools, hospitals, housing, farms, drill water wells and poverty goes away.

Poverty will become a thing of the past.

We’ll look back on this time hundreds of years from now and ask…

“Remember when poverty used to exist?”

Our great great great great great great grand children will say…

“Nope…that was so long ago. Poverty is ancient history now.”

We’re all better now.


THAT is why I want to be a billionaire. Not just to enrich my life but because I know that to help others the way I want to help them it’s going to cost many billions of dollars.

I truly believe it’s possible. I don’t just believe it, I know it’s possible. I know it in my heart of hearts, deep down in the core of my being. I know it more than I know anything. I know it will take trillions of dollars to end world poverty, but I know how to do it. It’s simple. We all just help people.

No objection is valid. When we as a society turn objections into nothing more than excuses, then we nullify reasons not to help people and that in turn will end poverty forever.

No…I don’t feel a bit guilty for wanting a big screen TV, or a fishing boat, or a big house or even a fancy car because I know I’m true of heart and I want nothing more than for people to be happy, safe and free.

I believe in humanity and am altruistic at heart. I’ve never put this out there like this before, only my close friends know this about me and they always told me I’m naive. Maybe so. But you know what? I don’t care. This is bigger than you or me.

This is about humanity itself. We have the wealth and power to end poverty right now. We just have to help people.

That’s why I changed the direction of my life. That’s why I do what I do. I teach. I educate and I entertain. I’m a writer and an author and understand the importance of education in teaching people to succeed. I wanted to pick something I could do for a living that could help people.

So I teach people how to be successful and overcome hardship, pursue success, build and make things. I write how-to articles and teach people how to do all kinds of things.

I’m in the education business and I didn’t even get a degree.

I’m a dropout! I quit school in the 8th grade! Yet I’ve been more successful than 90% of the people on the planet. 

I have valuable skills experience and knowledge that I can share with others and I love sharing with and teaching people. It’s rewarding and gives me a sense of accomplishment. That’s not the only reason why I do it, it just feels good to help people.


That’s not an exaggeration either. Literally millions of people all over the world read my work every year. The feeling I get from knowing that I’ve helped millions of people is AWESOME! That makes me feel awesome and I love it.

I’ve been writing ever since I got on the internet 20+ years ago and I’ve never stopped. It’s because I love to teach and I love to teach because I love to help people.

I believe the education is the foundation of a happy life. I believe that knowledge is power. The more you know the more you realize you don’t know. That’s a profound statement to understand. We must increase our knowledge and experience. There’s a whole world out there to explore.

We all need the same things in life.

Good education, good health, safe shelter, good food and clean water. This is what every single people on this planet needs…not just to survive but to thrive.

We get these things by helping others.

Used to be we all lived in small villages all over the planet and we helped one another, we all worked together to build and make things. As populations grew and expanded people became less and less attached to their village. People became less a part of their village and they stopped helping others. We’re focused too much now on ourselves.

In some ways self-focus is good because it helps you reach your goals. But we run the risk of losing our humanity in the process.

I think we should get back to the basics, help our fellow human beings, teach people, and share our knowledge with them to help them up and out of poverty.

Poverty is a needless blight on humanity. It’s our failing as human beings to allow it to continue.

We have literally failed 50% of the people who live on earth.

“Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.” SOURCE:

22,000 children die each day due to poverty!

That is unacceptable!!!

What’s our excuse for that!? HUH!? There is no excuse!

These numbers might seem hopeless and overwhelming to some people but it’s an easy fix if people stop focusing on the bad and instead focus on the good. Flip those numbers around.

This means that more than 50% of the people in the world DON’T live in poverty. Meaning more than 50% of the world can probably afford to help by donating money or donating their time by volunteering to helping those in need.

I believe we all have a duty as human beings to help those in need. I believe it’s our sacred duty to be kind, and show compassion and empathy toward those in need. Not to vilify them and blame poor people for being poor. What kind of a****** does that!?

Can we end poverty in our lifetime? Absolutely.

Will we? Yes! I believe we will.

I have hope and I believe that human beings are inherently good people. People want to be happy, they want to be good. Life kind of has a way of screwing things up for some people and I think it’s up to us to help those people out of their situation. I don’t blame people for being jaded and cynical. The world has a way of doing that to people. But we can’t give up on people.

We can’t let people die from poverty.

We can’t let 22,000 children die every single day!

What if that were your child? How would that affect you and your life!? 

Now put yourself in that parents shoes. They lost their child because they are poor!



This is why I want to be a billionaire. I will build schools, hospitals, housing, farms, and will bring fresh clean drinking water to people!

I will be a billionaire to do all these things. Sure I want a Lamborghini, a big house, and all the other things that comes with being rich.

I want to build schools, hospitals, housing, farms, and wells. All this takes money. A lot of it!

It will cost more than a trillion dollars worldwide over the next decade to end poverty, but I believe we can do it. I’m not delusional, I don’t have any illusions that I can do this alone or that mere billions of dollars will fix the world. I’m not trying to “fix” the world.

I’m helping solve 5 very big problems by giving people the 5 things they need so they can take the 5 steps they need to get out of poverty.

I don’t think billions of dollars alone is enough to fix the problem, but it’s surely enough to start a movement that will fix the problem. It’s enough to build businesses and buildings, and hospitals, and housing, and to motivate others to do they same thing.

This is a whole new system. It’s a whole new way of life.

It’s not a f****** Band-Aid. It’s a CURE for poverty!

To end poverty worldwide will take millions, even hundreds of millions of people working together for humanity.

I think though that we can do it a lot faster than anyone thinks is possible.

10 years? 5 years? 3 years? Sooner? How long do you think it will take? Do you think it’s possible?

I think once this system is in place we can end poverty within the next decade for sure, and possibly even within the next 5 years or less.

The 5 steps will work. I have a system that will work. I know it will work more than I know anything I’eve every known. The 5 steps builds a foundation for growth and gives people the tools, skills and knowledge they need to end poverty forever.

Funding is the issue, and that is a marketing and advertising problem, not an economic one.

How will I fund all of this? Easy.

Marketing! It’s all about the marketing.

You’re saying “You’re f****** crazy!”

Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m doing it. I’m doing SOMETHING more than sitting around blaming poor people for being poor. There’s no excuse for it.

Cities are learning that it’s 3 times cheaper to give homeless people housing than it is to keep arresting them, processing them and treating them in local hospitals.

People are building tiny house villages for homeless people all over the world right now and it’s working.

Want to feed people? Build a farm and teach people how to grow their own food! Don’t f****** ship food to people! How f****** stupid is that!? The cost of shipping food all over the world can be better spent building farms and teaching people to grow their own food.

See what I’m saying!? Stop doing stupid s*** and think outside the box.

Hospitals are expensive because insurance companies pay HUGE sums of money to them. Hospitals charge MORE because they know that insurance companies will pay them.

So instead of trying to change that system and getting bogged down in the details and bureaucratic b*******, simply build a new system.

Buckminster Fuller said “To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

Bucky had it right. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

So…build free hospitals and housing. Don’t try to change the corrupt overpriced system that exists today…you’ll never succeed at that. No one ever did that successfully. Build a new system which makes the old one obsolete.

It’s how the free market works. Think about this. Any old product is made obsolete by a new better product.

Modifying and old product merely makes the old product just a little better…but eventually the old product always becomes obsolete when a new product that solves the problem better than the old product is created.

It’s how things work. Make the old system obsolete by creating a new one. You create a new one by thinking differently than everyone else. Look for new ways to solve the problem.

Usually that’s the most simple way to solve the problem.

The simplest way to end homelessness is to give homeless people homes.

DONE! Problem solved!

See how easy that was!?

I know I know…I hear people screaming saying “THAT COSTS MONEY, DUMBASS! WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR THAT!?”

Did you not read the whole article? I will! Other billionaires will! And millions upon millions of people all over the world will.


It’s really that f****** simple! People complicate things by putting all these unneccesary qualifications and objections on things. Which in the end are only obstacles and excuses.

Want to end hunger?

That’s easy too!


Instead of shipping food to people all over the world… which by the way COSTS HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY and is the stupidest and most f****** inefficient and expensive way you could try to solve the hunger problem.

Just Build farms! Teach people to grow food. Teach them how to teach people to build and grow more farms!

I can hear the objections and excuses. “OH…but refugees are hungry, they need food shipped to them.”

NO! They don’t. Instead of shipping food and housing to people ship people to housing and food.

See how that works?

Don’t ship food to them in a bad place and house them in that bad place..move them to a new better and safer place where housing and food are provided. One shipping cost, and then they will build the housing and grow the food for themselves while teaching others to do it too. Then when things are better in their home country ship them back home and they will automatically help their people because they will now have the skills and knowledge to help the rest of their country! EASY! (OK so it’s not logistically easy…but conceptually…it’s simple.)

Give people a place to go to to be safe! Feed them.

Done! Problem solved!

YES! It’s that f****** easy! No I don’t want to hear f****** excuses!

We have NO EXCUSE for not doing this!

Want to end water shortages and contaminated water sources?

Drill wells, install filtration systems, and build atmospheric water generators. (Don’t know what an atmospheric water generator is? Look it up! That’s what Google is for.)

Build SOLAR POWERED desalination/distillation plants in the Sahara Desert along the coast. Run pipelines to the interior of the country. You’ll not only give people clean drinking water, you’re turn once barren desert into jungle and farmland again. (this also has the added effect of helping reduce and reverse climate change; and if you don’t believe in climate change you’re an i****! The science is clear; You can’t argue intelligently against facts. No excuses!)

This article is probably going to p*** off some people and that’s ok! I honestly don’t care.

What I do care about is helping feed hungry people I do care about giving homeless people housing. I care about providing proper quality healthcare to those who need it. I care about providing clean drinking water to people. I care about teaching people how to make a living and teaching them to teach others.

I care about sharing knowledge and sharing wealth. NOT redistributing wealth. Just simply sharing. Helping others because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO! Not because of some reward you get after.

I have never been stingy with money when I had it. I always help people. Even when I have no money I’ve given my last dime on multiple occasions just to help a homeless person, buy them food or a drink of water on a hot day.

But I digress. I’m not bragging and I’m certainly not anyone special. I’m just a guy who wants to help people and I truly believe that is our purpose in life as human beings. It’s the most noble for sure.

To start helping people is going to cost billions and I have a plan for that.

How will I become a billionaire? By teaching millions of people how to do what I do.

What do I do? I teach people. I help people.

This 5 step system will change the world for the better. Will it end poverty? Not by itself, no. But it’ll start something that will end poverty forever by fixing the 5 problems that cause it.

I’m building it now. I’m building a company (multiple companies) that will provide all of 5 steps to people all over the world.

Want to help people?

Help me help people.

Join my list!

More to come…


Imagine a place anyone can go to that provides all the basic necessities of life. Shelter, water, food, healthcare, and education. Is it possible. Yes. It’s possible. And I have a way to fund it. It is a Trillion dollar idea.

It starts with you joining my list. This isn’t a ploy to sell you something, it’s to help YOU see the light. It’s to help YOU understand how to think differently, see the world in a different light and help the world become a better place at the same time.

I’m all in on my commitment to help people and to start a movement to end poverty. I asked myself what I could do to make the world a better place and I chose to help people. Then I asked myself HOW! How do I help people. What is the biggest and most noble thing I could do to help humanity. Then it just came to me. Years of study, research, and reading scientific papers and writing about it gave the knowledge I needed to solve the world’s biggest problem. Poverty. I’m dedicated to humanitarianism. Not charity. This isn’t about charity. It’s about helping humanity. It’s about purpose in life. Its about building something new. A new system whereby poverty is eradicated from the planet with extreme prejudice. There is no room for excuses or objections. There is no room for naysayers, trolls and haters. Anyone who hates on human beings helping other human beings has lost their humanity.

I have created a system that will provide housing, food, water, healthcare and education to MILLIONS of poverty stricken people all over the world and best of all, it’s scalable. It must be scalable to end poverty. It’s scalable and standalone. It’s compartmentalized so that if one thing fails it will not create a cascading domino effect which wipes out the system. The system is impossible to destroy once it’s in place.

The system will end poverty. It will create everything that people need to eradicate poverty from the planet forever. That’s a huge statement to make, and it’s not lost on me how big of a statement that is.

I know you think I’m full of s***, but you need to have an open mind. You need to think outside the box and the confines of current human thought processes. The reason people think that ending poverty is impossible is because it only SEEMS impossible because people don’t know how to separate things into their basic elements.

First Principle thinking is a problem solving mindset and cognitive thought process that allows anyone to understand anything as along as they understand the basic elements of something.

Once you understand the basic elements you automatically remember things. You can also extrapolate things easier.

For example.

Poverty. Once you understand what creates poverty you can break it down to it’s most simple elements.

Those elements are the 5 things everyone needs to survive and thrive.

Is it coming together for you? Do you understand how when you break poverty down to it’s most basic elements you can pick the 5 things that create poverty the build the 5 things you need to destroy it forever.

Now imagine a place anyone can go that provides all the basics of life, AND it also provides JOBS!

Now…the whole system becomes self perpetuating.

Would you be interested in that?

Sure you would.