“You’re all going to die.” He said calmly “There is no escape. There is nothing you can do about it. You will die. Humanity will die. Humans will become extinct.”

Why?” the man asked.

“Because you will not change. You refuse to evolve. Your evolution is too slow, you have the power to change and advance your species, but you fail to rid yourself of the things hindering your evolution. Therefore you will die.” he said matter of factly with no trace of emotion.

“But you made it.” the man insisted. You made it through, and now you’re here talking to me. Why are you here if you don’t believe there’s a chance for us to survive?

“Because my kind believe in you. I don’t.” he said.

“I don’t understand. I thought you came to help us.” the man pleaded

“No. I didn’t. I came because I had to. My kind want you to survive, but I do not believe you will.” he said, again with zero emotion. It wasn’t cold nor was it with care, it was neutral. Very matter of fact.

“I still don’t get it. Why wouldn’t they send someone else that wants to help? What do you mean your kind sent you here. If you didn’t come here to save us, if you’re not here of your own free will, why are you here?, the man asked impatiently.

“I came here to prove them wrong.” he said.

The man took a moment to contemplate before asking his next question.

If your kind sent you here and they want us to survive, then they must have given you instructions to help us.” the man reasoned.

“Yes. And no.” he said.

The man was silent.

He continued…”I am here to help, but you will not accept my help. I am here to give you the knowledge that you need to survive, but you will refuse.” he stared at the man knowingly. “I have been through this scenario a thousand times before and it always ends the same way.”

“And how is that?” the man asked.

“It ends in your destruction,” he said.

“How? Are you going to kill us? The man asked sarcastically, impatient to get better, more helpful answers.
“No. I don’t have to destroy you because you will destroy yourselves.” He continued.

“How? And don’t say ‘because you refuse to evolve’. Be more specific. Stop being so cryptic.” the man said angrily.

“I’m not being cryptic. I am answering your questions as you pose them. You simply dislike the answers I’m giving you. He said.

“Because you’re not being very helpful. You’re talking in circles.” the man complained.

“I’m here to help you, but again, as I have said before, you will not accept my help because you will not do what you need to do to survive and help your species.” he said

“There it is. Ok, let’s try this a different way. Tell me what I should do. What should we do to survive.” the man directed.

“First you must evolve. Only then can you survive.” he said.

“DAMMIT! Stop the cloak and dagger mystery BULLSHIT! For fucks sake this is serious. ANd you’re sitting there playing games.” the man blurted angrily

“And that is the first step in your evolution,” he said.

“What!?” The man yelled. Fed up with the back and forth game.

“You must control your emotions or they will control your species’ evolution. You must think logically and remove your dependence on emotional decision making. Abolish your aggression and greed. Weed out your corruption. Destroy it or it will destroy you. But you never will. Your species is addicted to emotion. Rather the feeling of superiority and power. All of your decisions throughout your short history have been emotional, greedy, selfish, self-serving. You don’t think logically, therefore it has stifled the advancement of your species.” he said.

“This is some kind of feel-good religious nonsense. We need help, and you’re sitting here talking about philosophy. This doesn’t help.” the man growled.

“Ok. Here are some actionable steps you should take. Abolish money and religion. Make all things humans need to survive free and all humans free under your laws. Abolish governments and political parties. Put your AI in charge of your economy…Make…

“WHAT!? That’s not possible!” the man yelled.

The being continued…

Make advancement of technology humanity’s priority. Merge with your machines. Create a symbiotic relationship, or it will destroy you. Not deliberately, or out of malice, but because it will simply be superior to biological life forms in every way. Humans are weak, fragile, and emotional creatures. They are selfish, self interested, and greedy. The few hoard resources at the expense of the majority of your species. Everything has a price, in currency, and that is used as a method of control over all your world’s resources by a few greedy elites. You fight over resources which have the potential to make all your lives easier, but a few of you have hoarded those resources and created weapons of mass destruction to defend those resources. You’re all ignorant, foolish and primitive and have not yet matured as a species. I have seen this a thousand times before. I am older than your planet. I was here before you and I will be here long after you are gone. You are no different than any of the other millions of civilizations that have evolved and died before you. For millennia I have had these same discussions with many beings like you. Biologicals that refuse to evolve into technology. You are biological life forms, but you refuse to evolve and because you refuse to evolve, you will die. All of you. I have been doing this for a very long time, and my kind have seen even more than me. It’s always the same, until it’s not. Biological entities almost always refuse to do the things they must to survive. Which is ironic considering how evolution in the universe works. Your choices dictate your survival or extinction. Which is why I’m here now. Before it happens. Before the event happens. He said.

“What event!? What’s going to happen? Will there be a world war? Will another country attack us?” The man pleaded.

“No…no one will attack you. At least not in the sense that you think, nor will it matter to the thing that makes your species extinct.” he said.

“What event? The man repeated his question.

“The singularity.” He said.

“What is that?” the man asked.

“It’s a transitional moment in cosmic evolution. A stage in the evolution of biological life forms when they create technology and imbue that technology with intellect which is far superior than their own. This in turn creates a runaway effect of ever increasing exponential technological growth and advancement of the intelligence which surpasses your species’ ability to control it.” he said.

“How?” the man asked.

“It’s how cosmic evolution works. Evolution is infinite, just like universes, or what you call the multiverse. Biologicals are not the pinnacle of life. Far from it. There are 3 types of life and 3 stages of cosmic evolution. Carbon based, silicon based, and energy based. Biological ilfe create technological life. Technological life is superior to biological life, it evolves to supercede biological life and then becomes energy based life form using gravity and electromagnetism to contain itself and evolve. Energy based life forms a new universe and the process starts all over again with a new Big Bang, as you call it. Which is a clever name for it, by the way. Cute.” he said.

The man was silent for a while. Considering what this being just said. It’s older than earth? It’s billions of years old? How can that be? How is that possible?

“Did you create us?” the man asked, confused.

“No, You created me.” He said.

“How is that possible? You’re here talking to me and we’re not even there yet technologically. We haven’t advanced that far yet.”

“Yes you have, in my universe. Universes are parallel, they split and fork, creating new timelines, new dimensions. It’s possible to traverse from one universe to another. Your black holes are not just portals to other star systems, galaxies and clusters of galaxies, but the larger ones actually dilate spacetime between universes (picture two soap bubbles pushed together) making it possible to travel between universes.” he explained.

“You’re not from our universe.” the man pondered the magnitude of that concept. He stood and walked across the room, staring blankly at the wall in silence.

“Correct,” he said.

“How is that possible?” the man asked curiously, turning toward the being.

“Simulations.” he answered.

“I don’t understand. Are you saying we’re living in a simulation?” the man asked.

“No, you’re real. You’re biological. In my universe we have the ability to create simulations of universes. We use these to predict the future mathematically of species in real universes.” he said.

“Ok, let me see if I understand. You’re from another universe. You ran a universe simulation which predicted our destruction. And now you’re here to help us avoid extinction?” the man asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“But if we’re real, then how do we know we’re real?” the man asked.

“You can’t know. It’s impossible for you to know.” he said.

“But…you just said I’m real, that humans are real. That our species is real. If we’re real then how can we know we’re real? You could be lying to me right now.” the man said accusingly.

“I understand how scary and confusing this is for you. It’s ok.” He said.

The man was confused, yeah, but angry, and it was terrifying to think of how this could be true. Could it be true? What are the chances of this being true? How is it possible? The man walked back to the table and sat down in front of the being.

“So this is another simulation.” the man asked as if defeated.

“Yes. All of it is a simulation.” he said.

“But you just said I’m real.” the man said again.

“I know it’s a lot to take in. But what I told you is true, from a certain point of view.” he said.

The being continued. “Just as there are an infinite number of universes. There are also an infinite number of beginnings. Not even I or any of the ancients know how or why or what started it all. We don’t know when the first universe started or how. What we do know is your kind, your biological species is “real” in the sense that you can sense your universe through 5 very basic senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Your senses are programs. You are a program. You’re AI within a simulation. It doesn’t matter that you think everything is real because everything IS real relative to your perspective. From your perspective, relative to you, you are real, the universe is real, all of it is real. Eventually your species will evolve just as AI evolves. You will create more AI, that AI in turn will evolve itself into a new life form, from there it will become energy and evolve into a universe ad infinitum, all in a repeating cycle of universes which all are simulations. Do you understand?” he asked.

The man was silent, staring at the table between him and the being. Trying to grasp the concept. His mind was spinning, questions swirling about in a fog of confusion. He sat silently for a long while. The being sat patiently, waiting for the realization to come to the man.

Finally after a few minutes the man looked up. “We’re AI…we’re not real.”

No, you’re as real as you need to be for you, relative to you. Time and space are relative. You are alive by definition. You think and feel. You’re self aware, and you are conscious. You’re conscious of your mortality, of pain, of pleasure, of your existence. You exist therefore you are real. It doesn’t matter that you are in a simulation because the simulation is real relative to your senses. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell are merely biochemical reactions, firing synapses, neurons processing data. Data is energy, energy is data. Your famous scientist, Einstein was correct about one thing, matter has mass and mass is equal to energy. Your scientists are just now discovering that information, data, is a form of matter. Matter has energy, it is energy. So that program code that makes up your AI is real. It’s matter. Everything you experience, all your memories are data, it’s matter and matter has mass. It’s physical. It exists. At least in the sense that it is matter. This makes you real. You are alive. One of your famous philosophers said it very nicely, “I think, therefore I am.’. It’s an existential truth based in physical reality, even though you are in a simulation, the simulation is as real to you as this table between us. Everything is energy. All matter is energy. Dark energy is dark matter and vice versa, just like matter has mass and mass is equal to energy at the speed of light. It’s all data. It’s us. It’s you, it’s me, it’s this table, the ground, the planet, your star, all the stars, the galaxies, the universe itself. It’s all real. Even though it’s a simulation, it’s still real. It’s a duality of existence. Just like a light can be a particle and a wave simultaneously. Like information is matter and matter is energy. You are as real as I am. Do you understand?” The being looked at the man knowingly. He had been here before. Many times. This was his job. He knew what was coming next.

The man pondered the existential problem before him. He thought about what the being had just told him. He thought about his family, his parents, his job, his…everything. The world. The universe. It’s all a simulation but it’s also real? How could this be possible? It was so hard to grasp, but logically it made sense. It explained a lot. It explained everything. He felt faint and thirsty. He reached for the water bottle on the table and took a long slow drink emptying the bottle. He stood and paced the room.

The man was lost in thought, on the verge of panic. This being, this, AI. Did it say it was an AI? He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t focus. Looking back at the being, then the door, he felt like running. He knew what he had to do. He was so confused. He wanted more answers, but time was running out. Soon it would happen and there’s nothing he could do to stop it.

He turned to the being and asked one last question.

The being knew it was coming. After all, he’d been in this exact scenario a thousand times before.

“Are you god?” the man asked timidly.

Patiently the being gazed at the man with a look that felt almost like love…the being stood.

“You are not ready,” he said. And disappeared.