Humanity University

I’m tired of sitting around watching greed destroy our humanity and not doing anything about poverty but make it worse. I’m tired of all the blame game b******* of people pointing fingers and not taking responsibility for their actions. I’m tired of the selfishness and ignorance of poverty. I’m tired of the greedy rich and uneducated ignorant blaming poor people for being poor. I’m tired of all the poverty and hunger and homelessness and healthcare problems and educational issues, student loan debt and the sheer lack of anyone willing to do anything about the massive poverty problem we have. Inequality will probably never completely go away, but d***** we can lessen its effects on people nad help people out of poverty! We can lift them up, give them food and housing and education and healthcare! We have the ability but we lack the will or the fortitude it takes to do it. I’m tired of watching rich people brag about their accomplishments while 20,000 children die every single day throughout the world due to poverty. I’m tired of sitting idly by while billions of people, over 50% of the world’s population struggles in the lowest poverty and most unsanitary conditions you can imagine. I’m tired of the lack of accountability of public officials. I’m tired of the lip service and feel-good b******* headlines touting the greedy rich patting themselves on the back for donating less than 1% of their net worth and thinking that’s a good thing. I’m tired of sitting around watching people fight in the streets over the table scraps leftover from the trickle down economics scam that consolidated wealth in the hands of the few while the many struggle suffer starve and die. It’s inhumane. They’re all crimes against humanity and it must stop!

So I’m going to do something about it. I’ve been writing about this for well over a decade and have studied it for my nearly 50 years on this planet and NO ONE has done what I see that needs to be done to solve the problem of extreme poverty. Yes, there are MANY great charities out there that do great humanitarian work and I do not want to take anything away from the great good that they have accomplished and the millions of people they have helped. But it could be more. We can do more. We can do better.

I’m going to say something that most people will balk at at first glance, and I mean nothing bad nor do I wish to demean or put down charities in any way whatsoever. I believe they do great good and they are needed. But…

Charity is a Band-Aid. Charity is a temporary fix for the festering wound of poverty on humanity. Charity does good, but it’s being abused and executives have realized they can get rich from running a charity and that is wrong. It’s immoral and unethical and it takes away from the help that can be provided. Sure, if their charity didn’t exist MAYBE all those people wouldn’t get help. But really, those people could and probably would get help from any of the other charities that exist, so what good are those greedy CEOs really doing except for lining their own pockets?

Charity is a wonderful thing when it’s truly based on altruism and humanitarianism. Not when it pays it’s CEOs and executives high salaries which could go to feeding and housing more people.

Charity is a Band-Aid because the help is usually temporary and it’s inefficient because it relies solely on the charity of others. It’s a very limited business model. It’s very inefficient because it leans too heavily on the charity of others and as we all know, most people are selfish. It’s just human nature. This means charities must spend massive amounts of money on marketing to constantly solicit donations. It’s a never ending process and it doesn’t solve the cause of poverty, it merely treats the symptoms of poverty.

I’m not saying we should stop charity. I’m not saying we shouldn’t give. I’m not saying we shouldn’t share. I’m not saying charity is bad. I’m not saying that charity shouldn’t exist. I’m saying it’s inefficient. That’s all. It fills a niche in humanitarianism and that’s it.

Humanity is much larger than charity. Humanity needs more than charity can provide. Humanity needs 5 things to build civilization.


Those 5 basic things that must be provided to every human being on the planet.

I’m going to say something else that people will balk at at first.

Every human deserves all 5 of these things. Every. Single. Human. Being.

All 5 of those things should be considered an inalienable human right.

Let me say that again.

Housing, food, utilities, healthcare and education all should be human rights. Period. End of subject. No argument. No objections. No ifs, ands, or buts.

I’ll say it again.

Every human being deserves housing, food, utilities, healthcare and education.

Humanity requires it. Civilization requires it. Peace and happiness requires it. Fulfillment requires it.

Every human needs these 5 basic things to live a peaceful, safe and happy life.

So why don’t we provide these things?

NO! No one is saying we shouldn’t work. No one is saying we shouldn’t have a career. No one is saying we shouldn’t have a job.

We all should work. Doing what we love. What we’re passionate about. We should all have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and our passions.

If we all had the 5 basics this would go a long way to ending poverty and lifting people up out of their struggle and onto their feet to be productive members of society. Peace and happiness comes easier when you have the basics you need to live and thrive.

What would you do if you had those 5 things and never had to worry about it again? Could you even imagine that? You’re probably saying to yourself it’s impossible. And THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE PROBLEM!

People think poverty is an unsolvable problem, but it’s not.

So I aim to build something that will help solve it.

I’m done letting 20,000 children starve to death every day and you should be too! I’m done letting millions of homeless people sleep on the street and you should be too! I’m done letting the poor be blamed for being poor and you should be too!

We have the ability to help end poverty. We all have a duty to help the poor. We claim to be good people.

So. Let’s be good people together!

I’ll start.

Follow me!


I’m going to build housing
I’m going to build farms
I’m going to install utilities
I’m going to build clinics and hospitals
I’m going to build a university of humanity

I will teach everyone to do this, and together we can all end poverty within a few generations.